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Wellness and breathing in Rivera Nayarit

If I can describe my recent trip to Rivera Nayarit, it will be Happiness.

Yes I am scared of the current situation with the world and coronavirus, but my mental wellness is so important to me. Before coming to this trip I was feeling a little overwhelm and to be honest not quit myself.

Right now I feel like I can breath again and it might be because the ocean is so healing, or because Mexican food is amazing but I think I can breath because my heart is full. One of the days here I was in the ocean, which has the perfect temperature, and I though, how I’m I so lucky to be here right now? To see the ocean and the jungle meet at the same time, to look to my sides there is no people around... it was magic. Giving me the feeling that I was alone but whole in this world. This are experiences that I will forever keep with me, the memories I will you to look forward once life gets a little but overwhelm and the reason why I travel.

As far as wellness well, picture your self-waking up seeing the ocean, everyday? Going into a hike with the most beautiful views, eating fresh food, taking a yoga class at your hotel, taking a run in the beach and the stopping to see the sunset with a cup of coffee? I think we all deserve this at least once a year!

Being here reminded of why I felt in love with travel and why my passion is to help you have this type of experience, to reconnect with yourself, to go back to whom you truly are!

If you are ready to plan your trip! We are here to help.

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