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2021 Inspiration Book

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

2021 Inspiration Travel Book

We believe that the most powerful travel experiences are all about you and what you hold special. That’s why we’re so pleased to invite to check out the latest and most fascinating offerings in the brand new edition of our partners Kensington Tours Inspiration Book.

With stunning photography, you’ll see the full range of regions that we serve, and the breadth of passions and interests that we cater to. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation for how our Destination Experts carefully work with you to listen to your needs and craft your perfect trip, and for the level of support that our team provides while you are on your journey.

Perhaps you want to embark on the luxury safari you've always dreamed of. Indulge your culinary wish-list in Japan or Sicily. Walk in the footsteps of your ancestors, or discover the real Pura vida in Costa Rica.

Wherever you're longing to go, we want to share the 2021 Inspiration Book, to help you them dream about travel again –  and to help you start actually planning.

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