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Travel to heal your soul Semuc Champey Guatemala

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

I was born and raised in the City of Guatemala, a country in Central America surrounded by volcanos, lakes, and tons of natural beauty, it's definitely a place you want to explore.

When I moved to California about 7 years ago, I realized there was still so much to explore in Guatemala so I decided to go back and visit Semuc Champey. I started the trip by taking a shuttle in the beautiful city of Antigua Guatemala, and from there it's about an 8-9 hour trip to the Lanquin.

Guatemala is always on my mind and this experience made me feel so blessed. Some of the roads were under construction so the shuttle stopped for about 1 hour, during this time there was lots of time to make new friends, friends that you will remember and keep in your heart forever.

Finally after 8 hours, I made it to Lanquin Guatemala. I decided to stay at El Retiro Lodge which is located directly on the river, this place is amazing! It's owned by a guatemalan family which supports over 20 other guatemalan families.

Being so far away helps to heal your soul, no tv, no phone, just nature all around you... waking up here was my absolute favorite part. (I really wish a could wake up there tomorrow:)

The next day it was time to visit Semuc Champey so I jumped in the bed of a 4x4 pick up truck, from Lanquin it's about 1 hour drive on a very bumpie, unpaved road, you most hold to the rail on the truck during this whole hour which to me it was all fun.

When I got to the entrance of Semuc Champey it was mind blowing, seeing all this beautiful tuquoise pools surrounded by the green jungle! traveling so far to see this paradise was so worth it, once you are in the park you can do diferent actives, from doing a candle lit cave tour to hiking el mirador, swimming in the turquoise pool or tubing down the river

Semuc Champey it's a very special and magical place, the essence of traveling to me is the power it has of changing lifes and you will definetently see the world in diferent way after takin this trip, this is a place you defitently want to put on your bucket list.

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