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Flying during coronavirus: What to expect on a domestic flight

No doubt that flying looks completely different this summer. I recently took a flight from my home LAX to Chicago IL. It’s been 6 months since I last flew but I decided to take this business trip and take advantage to spend some time with my friends, so I wanted to share my experience with you.

During international travel depending on the destination you travel to, you will need international health insurance, previous COVID test before arrival, temperature check, and a possible 24hr to 14 days quarantine on arrival. During the domestic flight I was surprised not to experience any of this.

Mask is mandatory;

Yes! Mask is mandatory throughout the airport and during your fight for everyone age 2 and up.

No temperature checks:

Everything was the same except for me wearing a mask and try to keep people away from getting to close to me while I was in line to drop off my luggage.

Middle seat is NOT blocked:

I have to be honest, I was completely sure my plane was going to be somewhat empty but the flight was actually at capacity and, yes, I had 2 people sitting next to me.

Must remain seated

I always found very funny that people stand up and run to get out of the plane while landing (unless you are about to lose a connection flight, but if you have a travel designer nothing to worry about) well now being patient is mandatory and during my flight everyone complied with this, which I think is on the positive side.

Some lounges open

I was able to be in the Alaska Airlines lounge, you will not be able to serve anything your self, and must wear a mask during your time there.

If you really need to fly and you are not using a Travel Designer I suggest checking the state-by-state restrictions, which are currently in please across almost half U.S states, please be safe and if you have any questions or if there's anything you need I am here to help, just let me know!

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