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Costa Rica open its borders to all international visitor

Costa Rica! This is a destination I'm looking forward to going back to, Costa Rica has it all, and it is a great location to practice wellness +regenerative travel.

Tourism is one of the countries' main economic engines according to Gustavo Segura (tourism minister for Costa Rica) the restrictions on foreign travel into the country has, directly and indirectly, impacted 600,000 jobs. And I think here is where you can see the perils of under tourism.

On November 1st Costa Rica open its borders to all international visitors to enter Costa Rica, everyone must wear a mask and comply with the strict protocols of the air terminal, including physical distancing, temperature checks, and following any other health instructions. But all local and foreign visitors who enter Costa Rica by air will not be required to present a COVID-19 RT-PCR diagnostic test with a negative result.

Below is what you will need to enter Costa Rica:

1. Complete the digital form called HEALTH PASS

This pass will be available 48 hours before boarding. It must be accessed in an updated browser. An individual form must be completed for every person, including minors.

2. Purchase health insurance

Travelers must have traveler’s medical insurance, either international or purchased in Costa Rica through the National Insurance Institute.

An explanation of one’s travel insurance coverage, addressing Costa Rica’s requirements, must be uploaded or entered into the HEALTH PASS to be reviewed and approved by the Costa Rican authorities. If more information on international insurance is needed, the Costa Rican authorities will contact the passenger at the email address indicated in the HEALTH PASS.

If you have an international Insurance policy you will need:

1. Validity of the effective policy during the visit to Costa Rica.

2. Guarantee of coverage for medical expenses in cases of pandemic disease COVID 19 in Costa Rica, for at least US $50,000

3. Minimum coverage of US $2,000 for extended lodging expenses due to pandemic illness or trip interruption/cancellation due to illness, which covers the extra cost of the passenger due to quarantine.

If you do not have international insurance:

Then it is possible to opt for travel insurance from Costa Rican companies approved by SUGESE (General Superintendency of Insurance of Costa Rica), which offer their services at Juan Santamaría international airports (city of San José) and Daniel Oduber Quirós (city of Liberia). National insurances meet all the requirements to have coverage of medical expenses for illness.

Local insurance authorized for travelers can be valued at the following links. If you have doubts or queries about the requirements or conditions of the insurance, please email

For more details got to Costa Rica Tourism Board

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