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5 Ways to be Kind and Green While Traveling

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I love this planet so much, I enjoy traveling and experiencing everything this world has... but I came to a hard reality that I need to improve my lifestyle and change the way I travel so I can have a positive impact on this beautiful world.

So here are 5 ways to stay green while traveling that I will be applying to my life and hopefully, if you are reading this, can follow it too! Let's create a positive effect on the communities we visit, all we can do is make this world a better place for the future generations.

1. Eat Locally Sourced Food

Eating locally sourced food is one of the best ways to support a community, try to shop at a farmers market, or dine at restaurants with locally sourced ingredients. By doing this, you will be supporting the local farms which create local jobs, and the best part, locally sourced food tastes better! Remember, the way we eat has an enormous impact on the health of the planet.

2. Bring a Reusable Water Bottle and Shopping bag to your Trips

Let's reduce the amount of plastic we use! One of my favorite water bottles is Ayur Bottle

They are located in Ventura CA and produce beautiful copper water bottles. They also support a project to build a well that provides clean drinking water to a community in India.

If you need a shopping bag Ethnosphere has some pretty cool tote bags, make sure to send an email and I'll make sure to send one your way!

3. Lets Ditch the Plastic Straw

Americans use 500 million drinking straws according to the National Park Services

the sad part is that straws often never make it to the recycling bins! Straws are only a part of the plastic that makes it to our amazing oceans but their size makes them very dangerous to marine animals and they are consumed by fish..... so a good way to fight against this issue is by using a reusable straw, you can find some pretty stainless steal straws on Etsy and they come with a straw cover!

4. Ride a Bike or Take a Walk

While Traveling consider better options like walking, biking or taking public transit.

This is a healthier option and the best part is that you get to experience different places you would have missed while driving! See another big reason is that active transportation does not require fuel and does not cause air pollution plus, it frees up more space on the roads.

5. Donate

What better way to travel than by doing it with a purpose and in a kind way. Travel has the power to change lives, personally travel has opened my mind and changed the way I see the world. Start by supporting a local or international charity, you can choose a charity that inspires you, if you are not sure where to go, Ethnosphere is currently supporting Pencils of Promise and Save the Rain, you can donate through our website.

Be Kind and change the world!

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