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5 Things you can do at home while staying in during this time!

In times like this, it's good to remember how lucky we are when we can travel and explore our beautiful world. I am hopeful we will be able to control this virus and once again we will be able to see the wonder of the world, but for now it is important to follow medical advice, practice social distancing and stay home!

Staying home has its benefits! Here is something you can do while staying in:

  • Finish that book you been putting away

  • Meditation and Yoga @laliquekae has some awesome livestream classes going on

  • Organize your travel pictures

  • Watch @iz.harris @johnny.harris for some cool travel videos

  • Reconnect: Check-in with yourself and how your life’s going. It’s the perfect opportunity to tap into those emotions we tend to ignore.

Sending love, health and patience to all.

We recommend checking the World Health Organization’s page for updates.

Click here to visit their site

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